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Cost-effectiveness of Mammography by Risk and Breast Density

PI Name: Cummings S
Title: Cost-effectiveness of Mammography by Risk and Breast Density

Primary Objective: Describe cost-effective strategies for screening mammography based on a woman's risk of breast cancer.

Research Design: Cost-effectiveness analysis.

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: The analysis would include all women age 40 and older (the age at which guidelines recommend starting screening mammography).

Primary and Secondary Measures: We will compare several strategies of mammography for women at low risk of breast cancer. For example, we will compare the strategies of one mammogram and no further mammography to mammography every five years and annual mammography. As described in the Analysis Plan, the primary outcomes of the models would be the cost of per quality-adjusted life-years (QALY) and the number of women needed to screen (NNS) to prevent one breast cancer death for each of the strategies. The analysis will help define a five-year risk of breast cancer below which annual mammography is not cost-effective.

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