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Marin Women's Study

PI Name: Kerlikowske K
Title: Marin Women's Study
Institute: University Of California San Francisco

The Marin Department of Health and Human Services is evaluating potential factors that may contribute to the high rates of breast cancer in Marin County. The overall study objective of the "Marin Women's Study" is to identify risk factors that may contribute to high rates of breast cancer. The San Francisco Mammography Registry is collaborating with the Marin Department of Health and Human Services by measuring risk factors for breast cancer among women undergoing mammography in Marin County and breast cancer incidence and mortality. The deliverables are the following:

  • Install UCSF workstation in radiology department at Marin General Hospital in Marin County.
  • Place phantoms on digital mammography machines at Marin General Hospital.
  • Conduct quality control on phantoms periodically over 12 months.
  • Measure compositional breast density on women undergoing mammography at Marin General Hospital over 12 months.
  • Transfer breast density data from Marin General Hospital to UCSF.
  • Link breast density data to SFMR database.
  • Provide breast density data to Department of Health and Human Services twice over 12 months.
  • Link women in the "Marin Women's Study" to the SFMR database and provide questionnaire, radiology, cancer and survival data one time over 12 months.
  • Provide contact information for women with a Marin address undergoing mammography in San Francisco county twice over 12 months.

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