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Improving Accuracy & Outcomes of Breast Cancer Screening

Grant #: 5K05CA104699-03
RFA/PA: PAR00-039
PI Name: Elmore, Joann G
Title: Improving Accuracy & Outcomes of Breast Cancer Screening
Institute: University of Washington
Funding Started: 9/17/2004

Project 1: Mammography
To explore, using hierarchical modeling techniques, the extent to which fiscal, legal, clinical and personal characteristics of radiologists and facilities could be varied to lower the recall rates for community-based mammography while maintaining high levels of accuracy.
Aim 1. To explore the relationship between patient level characteristics and mammographic accuracy. Specifically, to study the influence of body mass index on the accuracy of screening mammography.

Project 2: Breast Self Examination
To study a breast cancer screening program in a defined population.
Aim 2. To describe self-reported breast self-examination behavior and associated outcomes.

Project 3: Clinical Breast Examination
To assess the efficacy of breast cancer screening among women in two age cohorts at two different breast cancer risk levels in a multi-center case-control study.
Aim 3. To assess performance characteristics of clinical breast examination in subjects of a case-control study.

The unique breadth of the research projects, which include mammography, breast examination and self-examination, reflect the applicant's broad perspective as a primary care clinician. All three projects use data collected for ongoing funded projects. Clinically significant variability exists in the accuracy and outcomes of breast cancer screening. Projects such as these are a critical step in improving this field.