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Mammographic Breast Density and Breast Cancer Prognosis

Grant #: See Special Study
PI Names: Rosenberg R, Crumley D
Title: Mammographic Breast Density and Breast Cancer Prognosis
Institute: National Cancer Institute

This SEER special study is a collaboration with the ongoing SEER special study, "Weight, Physical Activity, and Diet: Associations with Prognosis for Invasive Breast Cancer." This new study will examine the association of body composition, exercise, diet, hormonal profiles and breast density on cancer prognosis. The breast density will be assessed using a computer-assisted method utilizing digitized mammograms. The New Mexico mammography project has information on the location, exam date, and interpretations of mammograms on New Mexico residents, and is an on going collaboration with most radiology groups in the state. The goal is to acquire digitize, and analyze the mammograms of 500 women with breast cancer and correlate with the above factors for prognosis.