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Methods for Evaluating Mammography Imaging Techniques

Grant #: Career Development Award
PI Name: Rutter, Carolyn M.
Title: Methods for Evaluating Mammography Imaging Techniques
Institute: Department of Defense

The purpose of this award is to enable Dr. Rutter to develop biostatistical methods for evaluating the accuracy of breast cancer screening. This 4-year program includes advanced training in the epidemiology of breast cancer, training in clinical detection of breast cancer, development of statistical methodology, and graduate teaching. A basic knowledge of the epidemiology, disease process and detection of breast cancer guides the development of statistical methods. During this third funding year, Dr. Rutter has continued to expand her knowledge of breast cancer epidemiology and detection. She has published two articles during the third funding year. The 1st describes bootstrap estimation of accuracy statistics when patients are assessed at multiple patient sites. The 2nd published article compares performance of mammographers in a test setting to performance in clinical practice. Dr. Rutter also has a third article that is under review by JAMA that compares changes in breast density among women who initiate, discontinue, and continue use of hormone replacement therapy. During her fourth funding year, Dr. Rutter will teach an introductory graduate level statistics course and will focus on methods for estimating sensitivity and specificity that incorporate growth curve models.